Five Popular Overseas Jobs for British Teachers


There is something to be said for teaching. the talents you learn by taming lions – I mean, educating children – within the classroom are those skills that will prepare you for lifelong success. this is often ideal if you would like to exchange the dull and rustling landscapes of Blighty for warmer and brighter shores. Britain’s attitude towards longer periods abroad has changed dramatically over the past decade.
What was once the domain of the gap-yah student has become a true possibility for even larger segments of society. the likelihood of living, working and traveling abroad is now a compelling reason for more and more folks to devote time to our regular educational careers and withdraw the unknown.
Whether you’re trying to find an entire career review or simply a couple of sabbaticals from the debilitating daily routine of the British education system, there’s much to get off the coast of our little island. Here are six of our favorites.

1. Teach in a world School

The most obvious alternative to teaching during a British school is, uh, teaching in a world school. First, the agreements are quite reassuring. Most, if not all, are what we might consider private schools. They serve a various range of international families, many involved within the Foreign Service or just other expatriates trying to find an education in English for his or her children supported British or American program.
Therefore, if you’re conversant in the united kingdom curriculum on a topicyou’ve got an honest chance of becoming a successful candidate. additionally, if you’ve got experience teaching the International Baccalaureate, which is usually given in situ of level A diplomas, that’s even better. because the courses are taught in English, you are doing not need additional qualifications; your UK QTS is sufficient. However, the differences between the 2 couldn’t are greater.
Many teachers who lifted sticks and moved abroad reported that their work-life balance has improved considerably. this is often mainly thanks to the very fact that, while teaching subjects you recognizeyou’re not required to finish the bureaucracy that underpins the British system: first of all, steel oneself against Ofsted inspections. In addition, teachers’ salaries around the world vary, but can often be adequate to, if not better than, those within the UK, some even being tax-exempt, particularly in Middle Eastern schools. Tasty benefits, including accommodation, health, and theft benefits, also are often included.
How to Apply: Different companies concentrate on recruiting British teachers to perform educational functions in these sorts of schools. The Go Overseas Teaching job board may be an excellent spot to start out your search. International Schools Review features a list of user-generated school reviews to assist you to create an informed decision before applying and also to arrange recruitment scholarships per annum in several countries of the planet.

2. Become a TEFL Teacher

Second, it’s clear that the list of popular overseas jobs for British teachers to show English as a far off language. Unlike teaching in a world school, teaching English abroad generally requires obtaining a further qualification, this point a TEFL certificate. If you have already got the pedagogical skills that you simply have acquired by teaching within the British classroom, this could be an enter the park.
Additionally, you’ll study online or in-person (see the foremost important things to seem at before choosing a TEFL course) and, if you’re able to go, you’ll get your TEFL qualification within the country you propose to review. ” teach abroad (like Thailand). this provides you time to settle in and find your bearings before securing a replacement position. Salaries for TEFL / ESL teachers are often very lucrative and that we have covered destinations were teaching English abroad can assist you to earn a bank, although you’ll expect your salary to be less than once you attend a world school.
However, you’ll expect that you simply are going to be responsible of just one element of the training of a category and thus your overall responsibilities are considerably less than those of your British class, which suggests that you simply can expect to a way easier day job and a more rewarding work-life balance. And if you hope to travel while you’re employedit’s also possible to show remotely via Skype. How to Apply: you want to first apply for a TEFL program or inspect our article on countries around the world to review a CELTA certificate, then browse our huge list of TEFL jobs abroad.

3. Spend Time as a foreigner

Continue with the theme of youngsters, another popular job for going abroad if you’re an educator and a foreigner. Of course, meaning you actually need to spend time and educate the youngsters – there’s no reimbursement at the top of the varsity day during this career – but it is often a particularly rewarding and academic experience – for all involved persons.
Former teachers will find their experience in children’s work and discipline invaluable during this role, which needs the maximum amount of patience and diplomacy as each passage in school. For Au Pairing, you want to be a speaker, because your role is both babysitter and sometimes tutor for the youngsters of your host family. this is often in English, as parents are trying to find people to assist them to acquire English from their children, although a typical day as a foreigner could also be very different counting on the requirements of your employers.
As a part of the agreement, your host family provides you with food and nourishment and usually a stipend for your work. additionallyyou would like to be curious and cozy with new people, as you’re usually a part of the family quickly – making it a perfect opportunity to find out a replacement language and find out a replacement culture. How to Apply: determine the way to register as a foreigner in Denmark, Taiwan, and Iceland or dive into our comprehensive list of foreigner jobs abroad.

4. Transform into a guide

If you’ve got a preference for facts and history or a true preference for geography and therefore the world, employment abroad as a guide is a superb thanks to combining a variety of seriously striking presentation skills with global travel. Expect the envy of your friends and former colleagues while you’re taking photos of you and your customers on location.
You can get employment with a serious tour operator and guide their journeys through countries or find your way in booking a corporation from one location where you bring customers around your local area. While for the remainder of the planet it looks like the work of a guide is on a permanent vacation, there’s no such thing as a giftand therefore the reality may be a tough and competitive job – though one that’s well worthwhile.
This is an excellent task for charismatic and solution-oriented people because you’re the face of the corporate for your customers, and each problem that comes up with us must be solved by yourself. Patience for the inevitable moment that you simply feel that you simply have answered an equivalent question 100 times and may do so with unbridled enthusiasm is additionally essential. How to apply: it’s a really competitive field and for several jobs, you basically need to audition for a couple of months for an edge – unpaid – before you opt whether you’ll get the position.
A far better thanks to guaranteeing employment is to possess traveled tons within the region where you’re applying and to understand the language. await vacancies on the websites of your favorite tour operators; these are generally published a minimum of nine months before the summer season (around September for the hemisphere and July for the southern hemisphere).

5. Take a Working Holiday Abroad

Fancy a year of “down under”? just like the idea of a year-long sabbatical rather than stopping work permanently? A working holiday visa could also be something for you, especially since an outsized number of nations (not just Australia!) Offers them to British citizens.
Different countries have their own requirements for who can and can’t apply. you’ll get a 12-month visa for Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea, a 12-month visa (which are often extended to 24 months) for Australia and a 23-month visa if you’re between 18 and 30 years for brand spanking new Zealand, and if you’re between 18 and 35 years old, you’ll apply for a Canadian visa for 2 years.
For most destinations, once you’ve got obtained your visa, you’ll be eligible for vacancies across the country which will perform the complete range of hospitality to office jobs, all counting on your skills.
How to Apply: you’ll find the complete terms and conditions for applying on country-specific government websites: Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

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