Remedies For Fighting Cold

Remedies For Fighting Cold

Studies have shown that adults have about 2 to 3 colds within a year and that colds are caused by close to 200 viruses, for this reason, there is no specific cure for it.

So instead of taking antibiotics that are for bacterial infections, I have some trusted remedies that can help you get through those days of discomfort, you can’t do it overnight, things, like staying hydrated, having enough rest and so much more, are sure remedies for cold. Let me dive deeper.

8Staying Hydrated

It is not known if drinking a lot of water helps fight cold but I am very sure dehydration does you no good in situations like this. Our system needs water for proper functioning and to clear our systems of mucus, now you see how water helps?.

Drinking water helps in clearing up mucus in our throat. I would advise you to take a lot of chicken soup which has anti-inflammatory properties that may help to improve airflow resistance in the nasal passage, making it easier to breathe when you have a cold.

Also, warm water with lemon or honey and ginger added to can also be soothing when you have a cold.