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After reading this section, you need to know just about everything you need to work in Australia while studying abroad and after graduation. Working in Australia is very easy if you are a student – it is more difficult after graduation. Remember that as an international student, you should never expect to receive the money you earned while studying, but the extra income can certainly help you meet your financial needs.

Many international students studying in Australia choose to apply for work opportunities in Australia following graduation. If you are considering extending your stay in Australia, we’ve put together a brief guide to help you find work in Australia.

Work permits in Australia

It is important to have the right visa in advance that gives you the right to work in Australia. To stay in Australia after completing your course, you must apply for a new visa or a permanent residence permit. There are different categories of entry visas. A different point system is used for each category. To obtain a migration visa and a work permit, candidates must accumulate a certain number of points before being taken into account. Points are awarded based on employability, age and language skills.

You can also apply for a temporary graduated visa, which allows you to stay in Australia for a certain period after graduation. This visa has two streams:

  1. Graduate Workflow: This is available for graduates who have full qualifications with regard to professions on the Australian Government’s list of competent professions (SOL). Visas in this stream are granted for 18 months.
  2. Workflow after study: this is available for recent graduates in every field. Visas in this flow are granted for a maximum of four years.
The Job Search in Australia
Career Services

Your university offers career services to students, including a number for international students like you. They can help you with your job search, your resume and your applications. You should also be able to participate in skills-based workshops that will help you improve your employability, such as interviewing and communication skills. Your university may also offer specific career events, such as exhibitions or conferences that employers in your field of study can hear.


You can also apply for a temporary visa that will allow you to stay in Australia for a period of time after graduation. This visa has two streams:

Graduate Workflow: Available to graduates with all the qualifications required to work in a profession on the Australian Government’s Competent Occupation List (SOL). Visas in this stream are granted for 18 months.
Workflow after study: It is available for recent graduates in all fields. Visas in this stream are granted for up to four years

The application process in Australia

The questions asked during the application process are usually very direct. For example, you may be asked, “What makes you the best candidate for this job?” In addition, interviews with a panel of about three people are very common in the application process in Australia. This can be overwhelming, but try to make eye contact with the person asking the question and make sure you also pay attention to each panel member. Treat them all with the same respect and importance. During your interview, try to focus on your future rather than your past performance.

Write a CV in Australia

The Australian CV is usually called CV. The main purpose of your resume should be to persuade the employer to invite you to an interview. That’s why your resume is a marketing tool that needs to be adapted to the market on which you want to use it. Your resume must be typed and must not exceed two to three pages.

Photos are not usually required with a resume in Australia.

The cover letter in Australia

Try to be specific, positive and honest when you write your Australian cover letter. Your goal should be to capture the employer’s interest in the first paragraph of your letter. Once you have their interest, you highlight what you can offer the employer by giving examples. As a foreign candidate, you must emphasize how you can add value or contribute to the workplace in Australia.

Management culture in Australia
  • Australian organizations have a horizontal structure characterized by terms such as “common sense” and “equality”.
  • Before a decision is made, the opinion of different specialists is generally heard.
  • Australians are extremely positive people, negativity in all its forms is not accepted in the negotiations.
  • Meetings often begin with informal discussions.
  • Australians take punctuality seriously.
  • Personal relationships are very important in business.

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